Friday, March 23, 2007

And now a word from Austin

Okay, I'm jumping in here to save Rebecca from herself. After 10 consecutive posts, she might start to feel that she has an obligation to her readership to continue providing daily commentary on movies, tv shows, and road trips. So I'm inserting a post of my own to give her a breather and let her reevaluate her priorities. And/or find a job.

This week has been blissfully devoid of any activity, following a few weeks of thorough insanity. Two weekends ago I flew back east (all please bow before the altar of JetBlue and its nonstop Austin-to-Boston flights, particularly when they're on sale) to attend B's uncle's memorial service, and get an unexpected day of WMSHC in the bargain. It was actually a wonderful weekend, despite 3-4 hour commutes every day for (wait for it) five consecutive days. WMSHC was loud and crowded and well-arranged and AMAZING... and really, you could almost say the same about Sunday's service. Well, not so loud, perhaps. It was held in this incredibly beautiful, slightly decrepit former-synagogue-turned-fine-arts-center

and provided a really moving overview of his pretty remarkable life. One Fung-Wah bus, two cab rides, and a plane flight later, I was back at work at the preschool as if the whole trip had never happened (but if it didn't happen, why was I so sleepy?????).

Next came SXSW with visits from Peter (who sang with us on Wednesday, came out to eat with us afterwards, and then disappeared never to be heard from again) and Jim (whom we managed to see almost less than we saw Peter, despite the fact that Jim was staying with us for three days). The moral of this year's SXSW was that there are so many free shows happening everywhere in the city that you go, why on earth would you pay money for a wristband? I mean, I didn't pay money for a wristband, but still. B&Q staked out a patio table at the out-of-the-way Brentwood Tavern on Friday and we camped out there to watch a lineup of local talent - including our hugely talented country-rockstar pal Brennen - with pitchers of beer and onion rings and friends coming and going.

Saturday I had to show up as part of the World Can't Wait contingent in the Million Musicians March for Peace against the Iraq war. It was actually a pretty good turnout and we made $30 in donations, which sounds pitiful but is actually UNPRECEDENTED. (I'm crediting my 64-oz. Nancy's yogurt container with the slit cut in the top which I covered in WCW stickers on Friday. Nobody can resist sticking money in a round container with a slit on top!) On the downside, I got my first sunburn of the year. Stupid Texas. Sunday was my birthday, and R&I cooked a small feast and had a bunch of friends (okay, let's be honest, they were the same friends we sang with on Wednesday and saw at the Brentwood Tavern on Friday... we're not THAT popular) over to celebrate. And then this week I've done nothing. Absolutely nothing. I love it.

Only four more days of work at the preschool! Then I fly back to MA for the Repro Rights Conference at Hampshire College, and when I come back, I'll be a brand-new woman with only one job! My co-teacher Noelle is also quitting (she's planning to spend April being sugar-daddyed by her rich indie musician boyfriend while she looks for another job... Richard, how come they don't sell your CD at Target?) so we may have to spend a few weeks getting together for lots of drinking and cursing and wearing of provocative clothing other activities we're usually not allowed to do when we're together amongst the 4-year-olds. (Speaking of provocative clothing, one of my preschoolers wandered up to me the other day, grabbed the neckline of my shirt with both hands, and pulled it upward to a more modest position... and then yesterday, as soon as I entered the classroom, one of the little boys turned to me, pointed his finger at me, and was like, "Nice outfit!" Hmmmm... I'm not sure what sort of lesson I should be taking away from this.)

Okay! I'm off. Now back to Rebecca's regularly scheduled media reviews.




  1. Hey defensive girl, don't pick on Rebecca! Somebody's got to keep us entertained while you're blog-slacking. You big blogslacker. :)

  2. come to my workshop sunday morning, ok? i don't know what i am doing. how's that for the hard sell?