Tuesday, March 20, 2007

At the risk of further mockery...

Are you in need of something to aid and abet your procrastination?
Have you ever watched Star Trek?

If you answered yes to those questions, you MUST check out Wil Wheaton's hi-larious episode recaps. I'd come across these before, but forgot all about them until today. Who knew wesley would grow up to be so enjoyable?


  1. jenna on luke's computer3/22/2007 10:57 AM

    i can't comment on the above post BUT: gina torres gets a pass for crappiness due solely to her portrayal of anna espinosa, kickass bad-girl spy, on alias.

  2. yeah, i'm just going to pretend none of those good actors (steve buscemi) were anywhere near that movie. :) And why isn't that post allowing comments?? grr, I blame the new blogger, it's always making me set comment setting for each entry, even though the default is supposed to be "allow comments." Who doesn't want comments!