Sunday, March 04, 2007

Coming up for air

I keep meaning to write about our Very Busy Life, but then I just get too busy with said life and too lazy to post and we just keep doing more things and then I get even lazier and then we do more. Bah. We've had three wonderful visits in the past three weeks - from my parents, Rebecca, and Christina - with too many good times to enumerate. Event highlights included a day trip out to Fredericksburg (a cute, goofy, touristy town out in the Hill Country which boasts 10,000 residents and 300 bed-and-breakfasts); going to hear Barack Obama speak; the Texas State Sacred Harp Convention in College Station (home of Texas A&M, Scott's alma mater) which included a night of good old fratboy-style drinking on Saturday night with Scott as our able-bodied tourguide (who better to lead us than the graduate of a university where longstanding tradition mandates that in order to earn your class ring, you first have to drink it out of a pitcher of beer?); the Zilker Park Kite Festival; and more eating out than we've done in the past year. Next weekend I'm heading back east for B's uncle's memorial service, the week after that is SXSW and another houseguest, and two weeks after that I'm heading BACK east for the Reproductive Rights Conference at Hampshire College. I gave my notice at the preschool and will be finishing up there and starting to work full-time at NARAL starting in April, and this summer I'm going to Israel on a free birthright trip where, as best as I understand it, our tourguides will be extolling the virtue of the state of Israel and encouraging me to join the army. Never a dull moment.

If you want to see a few pictures from the end of February, go here.

And, unrelatedly, here's a story that I've been meaning to post for some time because it totally caught my fancy: "Sweet freedom for man found innocent after 30 years: Robert King Wilkerson cooks up a new life as a candy maker" (worth a free registration with the Austin American-Statesman online just to read it... or you can try clicking here if you don't feel like registering). It's the story of a former New Orleans resident who moved to Austin after Katrina. He spent almost 30 years in solitary confinement for a crime was wrongly convicted for. While in prison, he learned to make candy using butter and sugar packets collected at breakfast, and now that he's been freed he continues to make homemade pralines and sell them to earn a living. According to the article, the candy allows him to cover his $350 rent, most months. "Being known as an American political prisoner has its perks. He is feted and toasted by the network of radicals permanently outraged by the Establishment. Here's a picture of him with socialist historian and author Howard Zinn; here's another with U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters of California. 'It's a circle I got introduced to I never thought I would,' he says. 'Not that I wanted to.' In November, heiress and arts patron Ann Getty invited him to her San Francisco mansion. A living political art installation, he arrived each morning at 8:30, made pralines in her restaurant-size kitchen all day and left at 4. At the end of the two weeks, she presented him with a new industrial-size stove. It would take up almost his entire living room/bedroom, though, so it has stayed in California. 'A lot of these white activists don't understand,' Harkness says. 'He lives hand-to-mouth.'" Robert King Wilkerson's candy can be ordered online at I haven't actually ordered any yet, but I'll let you know how it is when I do.

Okay, after that long ramble, I'm off to bed. R & I accidentally-on-purpose napped from 6-8:30 this evening, so we're extremely untired, but work does beckon tomorrow morning, so I'll do my best.




  1. Look, I'm pulling a Rebecca and leaving a comment on my own post before anyone else has a chance to! But I just wanted to remind all you voyeurs out there that now that Yahoo photos got all silly and fancy, you have to double-click on all photos to enlarge them and see captions. I suspect you're all smart enough to have figured this out on your own, but if you weren't, well, now you don't have to admit that to anybody.

  2. ha, i definitely read your comment when i was only halfway through reading the post (now that i get all comments emailed to me!). You beat me to commenting about the yahoo issue... i haven't even been able to look at your pictures for a while because my computer, and apparently sue's too (is it a mac thing??) doesn't like the evil new yahoo photos. you know you want to try fotki....

  3. You got to hear Obama Texas. How kick ass is that? By the by, he is my first choice for president. If he does not win the nomination, then my next choice is Biden. But Obama is truly the best candidate I have seen in a damn long time on any level.

    Okay, enough of the political rant! I love political discussions! It's cool here in Italy as it is different. I have even gotten to have debates with communists and seperatists! Cool!!

  4. I would try Fotki, I just don't want to pay for a photo site, and I already had a Yahoo account. If anyone has any suggestions for a better photo site, I'd love to hear them! I could do something like Kodak/Snapfish, but don't people need to set up an account before viewing photos? That's kind of irritating.

    Maybe it's a Safari thing... I have trouble with Yahoo Photos when I'm in Opera. Do you have Explorer on your computer, or just Safari?

  5. Killing two birds with one comment:

    1. Nate - Biden bites. I lived in Delaware for four years and can tell you he's all hot air. He was our commencement speaker, and he was apparently as horrible at graduation speaking as he is at politics.

    2. Reb/KT - It's not a Mac problem; my Powerbook opens the Yahoo photos with the double click just fine. It may be the browser issue - I'm using Firefox.

  6. 1 - I have firefox on my computer too, but maybe I haven't tried it since i started using that? Sue is not so with things and has an old version of safari and NETSCAPE. and i thought my mom was the only one left on earth using netscape.

    2 - Fotki is free! I only upgraded to the premium membership cuz i like them and you get unlimited storage. But they have a free membership with 50 mb storage. whatever you do, don't do kodak - you do have to make an account. and it's not easy to access old albums.

  7. (Because god forbid we should continue this boring conversation in a non-public forum...)

    Cita: I think when you joined Fotki it was free, but I checked it out a month or two ago and I believe they've had to change their policy, so now you have to pay to set up an account.

    I guess I could look into Flickr...

    Unrelatedly, I'm on the Austin CodePink listserv, and somebody just wrote in regarding Obama's stance on being willing to attack Iran to protect Israel that this is a perfect example of why he is, and I quote, "willing to kill us all to be king." End quote. Ah, anti-war activists, and you wonder why people laugh at you...

  8. Ew, flickr. You can only make 3 albums before upgrading to a paid account. Unlike fotki, which is free! i swear! They explain the difference between free and premium account here, and they advertise the free signup on the main page. But, um, no pressure. I know I looked at like 5 million different sites before choosing fotki, but I can't remember anymore which other ones were good. definitely none of the corporate ones. i think a lot of people use photobucket... any testimonials?

    and didn't richard explain how obama is the antichrist?