Thursday, March 22, 2007

Consider this a PSA

I Think I Love My Wife is bad. Like, really really bad. Like, one of the worst movies I've ever seen bad. What, you won't take my word for it? OK, but you'll be forced to read my ramblings on how a movie can possibly suck this much.
(Vaguely spoilery, but you're not going to see it anyway, right? Right???)

I only went in the first place because Sue, who knows these things,had read several good reviews. I mean, the NYT actually said, "Mr. Rock has not only done his best work as a director and screenwriter but has also made an unusually insightful and funny mainstream American movie about the predicaments of modern marriage." Uh, did we see the same movie? I was bored from the first shot - a nondescript suburban house, joined shortly by the dreaded voice over. The movie is a cliche populated by cliches. And the casting is so above the level of the movie, it feels even more implausible. I'm not even a big Firefly fan, and I didn't for a second buy that Gina Torres would ever be so one dimensional as to have a life centered around arranging playgroups and shopping for sconces. The evil temptress (who you can spot a mile away thanks to her short skirts and insistence on smoking - gasp - in non-smoking areas!) isn't even convincingly tempting. There's no real motivation for Chris Rock to keep seeing her. As if it weren't bad enough that CR is mindnumbingly dull (cuz he's being a "serious" actor, see), that even ruins the times he does turn on the class crude comedy - it seem disjointed and out of character. If you haven't already left the theatre, you'll be treated to the extended viagra scene. And the Attack of the Musical Number (hey, maybe if we sing, they won't notice that this ending doesn't make any sense!)

The reviews that did trash it tossed around the word misogyny a lot. Yeah, the portrayal of women was insulting and trite, but not particularly surprising. It's not like the men come off too well either. More than anything I'm confused by how anyone thought it was a good idea to conflate the infidelity with race/class issues. It's not enough for the evil temptress to be all, well, evil and tempting. Her real crime is to show up at CR's all-white firm and almost get him fired by dragging him into her world of N-bomb dropping and ghetto boyfriends. This was just... creepy, and not the kind of social commentary one hopes for from a prominent black celeb.

BUT on the plus side I saw a preview for the new movie that stars Keri Russell, Nate Fillion, and pie! Where can i sign up??

(ps - this post will allow comments now. stupid new blogger.)

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