Sunday, March 11, 2007

On anniversaries, Best. Things. Ever. and friends who are cooler than me

So apparently yesterday, March 10, was the 10th anniversary of the airing of the first ep of Buffy. An event for which we should all give thanks. Yes, yes, go ahead and mock my buffy obsession. Or you could read one of the many articles celebrating Buffy and maybe watch an episode or two :) I may not have "spent most of the day entombed in my living room watching every episode I've got on DVD" but only because watching all 151 episodes takes longer than 24 hours, and my DVDs are in my car in the BART parking lot in Orinda I got to spend all day singing with my favorite people. Which is even higher on my list of Best Things Ever in Life. My 5th consecutive WMSHC by the way! Making it my 4th anniversary of singing regularly (if the last year can be called regularly...) So really this post goes out to Andrea for dragging me into the Buffyverse, and Jenna and Briana for dragging me into singing.


  1. And friday was the 10 year anniversary of the death of the Notorious B.I.G. Somehow its all come full circle.

  2. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
    love you more than shapes and words on whatevertheheck anthem we sang yesterday

  3. whoa insanely fast commenting! and none of them mocking, even :)
    love you guys, and not just for the comments and morethananthemlove (the best kind, i hear)
    I'm about to go through so much friend withdrawal after this amazing series of visits! I'll just have to cuddle up to my Buffy DVDs on those long cold tuesday nights...

  4. Wait !!! No cred for the one who found Buffy in his movie theater, and brought her home to your tv??

    Also, won't V Mars be getting even for your callous abandonment on Tuesday nites

  5. Yes, let me please give credit where credit is due. And eat my words.

    This post (err, comment) is dedicated to:

    My dad, who is so cool he even liked the Buffy mooovie! And who put up with my "you're watching THAT again?" for years.

    KT, who was in France and therefore could not drag me to sing, but had in fact done so already in the summer of 01. and who put up with my "you're listening to THAT again?" for years.

  6. Phew! You narrowly missed a scolding for not crediting me. You got lucky.

    And please allow me to begin making up for the dearth of mockery in these comments by stating that I cannot beLIEVE no one has taken you to task yet for using phrases like "ep" and "Buffyverse." Start a livejournal for your fannish musings, buffista!

  7. ah, katie, you know that had she caught me at any other moment in the year besides the post-wmshc goodwill glow, i'd have mocked til the undead come home...

    i have to go to work today! so sad.

  8. yes, you've caught me, I've been reading waay too much livejournal lately. (though i'll have you know, "buffyverse" is a perfectly cromulent word. Wikipedia says... "Buffyverse is a term coined by fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel to refer to the shared fictional universe in which they are set. The term has since been used in the titles of published works, and been adopted by Joss Whedon, the creator of the fictional universe.")

  9. Buffy: good.
    WMSHC: better.
    I concur.

    (I have to add, though: Firefly: even better than Buffy, though not as good as WMSHC.)

  10. Thanks for the non-mocking! hmm, i really tried to get into firefly but was not grabbed by the first few episodes (Wesleyan, being Joss' alma mater, has his full works on DVD.) And similarly felt that the Serenity movie was good but not great. When is Wonder Woman coming out, anyway?