Sunday, March 18, 2007

Here's hoping we don't get to 5

This is the closing scene of the movie I watched the other night - I can't believe it's actually on youtube. It's a really hauntingly beautiful Turkish folk song, and this lyric from it has been running around in my head:

If only I were a nightingale in the garden
I would sing all my songs for you
My soul wouldn't have the strength for wars

And here is a nice article written by, of all people, my current housemate. Would you believe it just happened to come up as the first article (of 6,411!) when I googlenewsed "war anniversary." He covers the military for Sue's paper, and has been to Iraq several times. At the st pats party we were at on saturday, people kept pushing him to admit to being pro or anti-war and he was very steadfast in his journalistic objectivity. In keeping with that, his piece for monday's paper just nicely showcases people caught up in the war, for better or worse.

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