Friday, March 16, 2007

In no particular order, the news of the day

1) ecuador and mexico are playing a friendly match in oakland - all the spanish speaking car dealerships seem to be offering contests for free tickets. Too bad I'll be in class in Santa Cruz, or I could actually get some more use out of my Tricolor jersey.

2) Fans are going crazy over Veronica Mars cancellation rumors. Yeah, all the good shows die young. The worst part is that Rob Thomas, the creator, is proposing to save the show by skipping 4 years ahead, portraying Veronica on Alias as an FBI agent, and ditching most of the cast. Oy.

3) As a newly instated California girl, I can and will poke fun at all the new englanders digging out from the big storm.

4) Watched this excellent documentary on the Turkish music scene with Sue and friend tonight. If applicable, add to your netflix queue.

5) This weekend's must haves: green for St. Pat's day, anti-war protest gear, and birthday candles for Ms KT's 25th!

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