Tuesday, March 13, 2007

still on wmshc high

despite the post convention hangoverness, tonight we managed some pretty excellent singing and "fellowship" (sorry kt, couldn't resist the quotes there). And sheldon's pictures!!!!

Some choice moments:
Our favorite Austin leader
Can't wait to get this one into a frame :)
Is it possible for a picture to be this cute without a baby in it?


  1. re: peter and allison... for you arrested development fans (potential spoiler alert) it kinda reminds me somehow of the christmas party scene with maeby and michael singing karaoke to "afternoon delight"- with all the cuteness and none of the potential grossness.

  2. Ooh, that baby is sooooo adorable! Makes me want to jump into the computer screen and give her a hug.

  3. he he afternoon delight! totally. i so wish i could watch that episode right now. oh - blessed, blessed youtube.