Tuesday, April 24, 2007

And KT, you thought Green Day was retro...

BSC Headquarters
Revisiting my awkward(est) years, one Baby-Sitters Club book at a time


It’s pretty awesome, lots of cover-art hate and 80s outfit description quotes. She really speaks to our generation, man.

Here’s the first post:

Tiff's Great Idea
Okay. Let me start out by saying that I am in my mid-20s, and I have been spending waaaaay too much time in the children’s room at the local public library...


  1. oh my god. there goes all productivity for the day. who was your favorite babysitter? (in the series i mean, not in real life.)

  2. seriously, thank god i found this site the day AFTER my big homework assignment was due. Hmm, I didn't latch onto one babysitter the way i did with american girls (molly, of course), but i always liked kristy. I mean, she was nicely non-boy/fashion crazy, but she wasn't boring like mary ann, and was different enough from me to want to be like her (eg. superoutgoing/good at sports). i also wanted to be good at art like claudia, or dance like jessi. and i might have identified with mallory if she weren't so ANNOYING (as this blogger constantly reminds us.) who was your fave??

  3. stacey. i even wanted diabetes! (no longer, nope, no longer!)

  4. I'm with Lauren. I can't believe you didn't even mention her, R. :)

  5. Dude, stacey was all "sophisticated" and whatnot, i totally didn't relate :) Mostly I just thought all of them were the coolest people ever, until I actually got closer to their age and realized how bad ann m martin is at writing 13 year olds.

  6. So while I never read a Babysitter book myself, I remember I was in the middle of reading one of Ann M. Martin's other books one time (in retrospect, what on earth was the point of subjecting myself to any of her books if I wasn't going to go all the way and read BSC?????) and having a discussion with my mother that was inspired by AMM... her point was that people who write a ton of books generally do so because it brings in the bacon, and mine was that sometimes they write lots of books because they really care about their subject matter and are genuinely inspired to write about and for pre-teen girls, etc. Or something like that. Ah yes, I was wise beyond my years, clearly...

  7. So while I never read a Babysitter book myself

    Wait. Wait a minute. NEVER? NOT ONE???? Do you have a heart of stone?????? Whoa, I don't know if I can share this blog with you anymore. Go out and read one, stat!! now you can enjoy it ironically and still maintain your too cool for schoolness.

  8. what?? KT, have you really never read a BSC book?! how is that even POSSIBLE?! you've read every mass market paperback intended for those 15 and under! maybe that's what happens when you grow up in the valley as opposed to suburbia...?
    they are so, so deliciously bad.

    i always really super over identified with kristy (loud, brunette, ponytail, jeans, sarcastic) but secretly loved claudia except for her bad spelling. that seriously devalued her stock in my mind.

    also, rebecca: TOTALLY i understand our friendship so much more when you say you were a Molly girl! ME TOO! in a world of samantha girls, of course.

  9. molly love!!!!

    i was all about the scrappy brunette and the wartime rationing and whatnot. None of this victorian "be seen and not heard" business. although i learned everything i know about child labor from the book with samantha's poor friend, and everything about women's lib from her suffragette aunt. (also, i may or may have been nerdy enough to enjoy reading the historical info at the end more than the story itself.)

  10. I will defend the fact that I had a Kirsten doll and not a Molly doll because my best friend got a Molly doll first and I didn't want to just look like I was copying her. Fortunately, I was able to find enough love in my heart for Kirsten thanks to my favorite pioneer family and their series of Little Houses. But I always secretly pined for Molly.

    And yeah, somehow I managed to justify reading 223987245 Nancy Drew books but always turned up my nose at the BSC. Sweet Valley, too. Talk about missing out on shared cultural histories...

  11. How trashy am I? I've never read any American Girl books, and have read enough Sweet Valley and BSC books to more than make up for KT's abstinence. How long have the American Girls books/dolls/movies been around? I only associate them with a generation of kids that I was old enough to babysit. I guess I missed out! <3B

  12. But I always secretly pined for Molly.
    suuure you did :)
    somehow I managed to justify reading 223987245 Nancy Drew books
    you know the only nancy drew books i condone are the hardy boys supermystery crossovers.

    How long have the American Girls books/dolls/movies been around?
    ah b. you missed the whole classic AG era. Those were the halcyon days of samantha, molly, and kirsten. Available only in classic book form or mail order. I remember it was all controversial when they introduced felicity. Then came the modern era of 5 million different dolls and series and giant fancy stores where spoiled little girls drag their parents. And movies, you say. (Err... I probably should try not to turn my nose up at them for deciding to embrace our country's multicultural heritage with the newer AGs, and luring ever more girls into reading historical fiction.)