Friday, April 27, 2007

And now it's everyone's favorite blogtime - the ecuadorian news update!

Well, Correa has been long been threatening to do this, dropping lots of quotes like "we are no one's colony." Yesterday el presidente finally said “see ya” to the World Bank representative and is "reserving the right" to cancel the debt.
El Comercio
The BBC (this is randomly a cute “learn english” article with a little glossary and everything.)

Also came across this photo.

"A police officer throws a stone at students during protests Tuesday near Ecuador's Congress in the capital, Quito."

Look how young that cop is. (I guess he hasn’t gotten his license for the tank yet. His older brother must have been around when I got teargassed.) Kids throwing rocks at each other. Ecuadorian politics redux.


  1. On the local korean channel here in chicago today, I surfed into a team of managers from LG, the electronics mfg, who were in "Bahía/Guayaquil" documenting fake electronics gear in fake LG boxes -- all made in china of course.

    The leader said it was costing his firm 17 million a year in lost sales in ecuador. "I'm kind of angry." was the translation. Also extensive footage of the korean team visiting and donating to a local adopted village.

    I was awash in languages -- Spanish and Korean on the original footage, with some English and Korean overdubs, and korean and english subtitles.

  2. gotta love globalization.
    Ah LG, how much i had never heard of you until i moved to ecuador, owned your tv (or hmm, maybe not?), and was inundated with your "Life's Good" (in english, w spanish accent) commercials during the mundial.