Sunday, April 22, 2007

The awesomeness of singing. Let me count the ways.

1) The Golden Gate all-day singing yesterday. Hello totally delightful sing in my neck o the woods! Those relaxed CA types really do get it TOGETHER when they throw a convention. The sound was amazing. Really solid arranging and breaking and everything else that makes the day go smoothly. They had everything organized for earth day – recyclable name tags with pins (the pins were collected at the end), for dinner we used real silverware, and composted everything (food, plates, cups...). Apparently San Francisco has curbside composting – whoa. Speaking of food, it was pretty knockout too. Veggie food as far as the eye could see. (And according to the committee reports, there were more food items than leaders. ha!) In conclusion, come to the 4th annual next year!! saturday before the 3rd sunday in april.

2) The NY Times!! We’re famous! Well, mostly Sheldon. And Jenna. :) Sacred harp in the travel section is a new one for me.

3) And hey – who needs the NYT - we’re on youtube! I happened to find a whole bunch of videos someone uploaded from this year’s wmshc! including – IS THAT ME??? I totally didn’t notice until about 90% of the way through, when I had the vague recollection that I led North Port. Boh... I hate videos of me leading. At least you can’t really see me, since it much more prominently features other people walking in front of the camera. (Jenna, you’re famous again!)


  1. as dan hertzler once said: " famous. in select circles."

  2. I saw some pictures from the Golden Gate Singing, including one of you. Did you get to meet turtlegirl's birthday twin? I saw that he and his mom were there.

  3. Anyone know who took these videos? Sheldon wants to credit them at the wmshc site with a link.


  4. I looked at the person's youtube profile, but it didn't ring any bells for me. (Ron, 60?) But I think you can send them a message through youtube, at that link!