Saturday, April 21, 2007

Don't you love the feeling when...

...your car dies, you get it towed, you go home and try to pretend that you'll have enough to pay the ungodly sum its repair will come to, the garage calls and tells you the problem was just a rusty corroded bolt that was preventing your battery from getting any juice, and at the end of the day you're just $19.76 poorer than when you woke up? That might be one of my favorite feelings.

All our indoor plants are infested with fungus gnats (thanks, Google, for explaining to me exactly what I'm talking about when I search for "fruit flies houseplants Texas") which I'd like to believe is the reason why I can't keep a houseplant alive to save my life, but all the sources I've checked tell me that in fact fungus gnats are thoroughly harmless, which leads me to conclude that I have nothing to blame but my own incompentence. Sigh. At any rate, you can apparently kill off the little suckers by using something called BT, which is supposedly organic and supposedly effective. For now I put the plants outside, where they can live happily until the next time the sun comes out, when they'll promptly shrivel up and die because I'll undoubtedly forget about moving them into the shade and/or watering them. I should be arrested the next time I buy a plant.

Okay, I'm off to listen to the Sweetback Sisters on the People In Their Twenties Talent Show on "A Prairie Home Companion" (woo PVPA pride!!!). I'll leave you with the latest from the nephs.

UPDATE: D'oh! The Sweetback Sisters came in 2nd place. However, in their defense, they lost by 16 votes. Out of 11,000. Which just goes to show that it's YOUR fault for not voting!!! On a lighter note, they essentially tied for first, which proves once again that PVPA alumni are the most talented people in the United States of America. Hooray for Zara and Ross!


  1. only ONE pic of the nephies?? so unfair. worth the click, definitely, but more cuties please.

  2. I love that feeling too! I just had it two weeks ago when i woke up to a pancake flat tire (and my tires were brand new in december!! grr!), but it only took 10 minutes at my new friendly mechanic's, a patch, and I was $17 poorer. And then I had that feeling again last week when my car unexpectedly died at a stop sign and wouldn't start again for several minutes. The mechanic checked everything under the sun and promises nothing is wrong with it.

    Now, if I can only get the check engine light to go off, so that I can pass the smog inspection, so that I can register my car in california, so i can get a parking permit for my street...

  3. Not to denegrate the PVPA influence, but I have to believe it's no coincidence that *three* of the band are Village and Northern Harmony alumns. :)