Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy Passover / Feliz Semana Santa / Bon voyage

I had such a lovely wholesome afternoon today. All morning I had to make a point to space out my errands and drive to all of them, because I don't have a permit to park on my street for more than 2 hours at a time in the daytime (this is a whole other rant about california and its endless red tape. grr), but I walked to the library for the first time. It's downtown, which I was please to discover is a beautiful <20 min walk, easily avoiding the busy streets. They're mailing me my library card (since i didn't have proof of address) so I couldn't check anything out, but I felt like I had to justify my trip over there, so I browsed the magazine section. I ended up reading some great articles and felt satisfyingly intellectually stimulated :)

The Economist, featuring local news I already knew (take that economist! who's cutting edge now! huh!)
Gridlock on the lake: By neglecting its transport system, Chicago is gambling with its future
Plastics of evil: San Francisco swaps polyethylene for potato starch

Some great articles in the special issue of NACLA: Report on the Americas : How Pink Is the 'Pink Tide'? Feminist and LGBT Activists Challenge the Left. (Re: my ramblings in KT's post, there was an interesting article about bolivia - the empowering of grassroots / indigenous feminist movements over the traditional middle class ones, in the new leftist Evo era.)

The alternative local free newspaper, which is actually called Good Times (!) had a cover story on the new Whole Foods moving in. I'm not sure why I bothered to link it, because it was really quite boring and uninformative. But I love that the small guys aren't really worried about getting run out / bought out by WF, in fact one seems more concerned for them!
I think there is a real place for Whole Foods. They serve a real need in some place. I’m not down on them. But I’m not sure if they’ve ever had a store fail or ever put one in such a competitive marketplace. We’ll have to see how it all shakes out.
(I'll have to write a whole other post about the ridiculously fabulous array of natural groceries already here.)

Well, I meant to say this yesterday - happy passover! I was feeling a bit left out, since this year's holy week holds no exciting seder plans, bowls of fanesca, or trips to the beach (i do pass the beach every day. shh. thats not the point). Meanwhile the Rebecca's are heading to Cuba, my dad is off to Barcelona, my roommate is in China, and MP is hitting the beach in mexico! While I'll be in class. Safety/sanitation and knife skills to be exact. But I came up with a three pronged plan of attack for this holiday season. Damn, i just had another idea, so i think that makes it 4 pronged.

#1 - My most brilliant idea was that for my first homework assignment I'll cook haroset and tzimmes! I don't have the energy to put together a real seder, and don't really have any jewish buddies or gentile guinea pigs yet. But this is perfect! Our big homework assignment is due at the end of each section (each two weeks) - we have to cook a meal and write about the nutritional elements, and some other stuff. I'll be sure to take pictures and post the recipes. Ooh, I can do that for every homework assignment - like vegan lunchbox! Except not as cool, cuz really, what is? Actually I'm thinking of trying a recipe from her cookbook for one of the future assignments :)

#2 - I plan to drive up to the east bay again next monday, barring issues of weather/stress. I inadvertantly left some stuff at sue's, and i can pick that up AND go sing in berkeley! You know me, if i don't sing something every so often, i get a little CRANky. So, at the very least I can lead Saints Bound For Heaven.

#3 - If it kills me, I'm going to scout out some fanesca round these parts and eat it! Ha!

#4 - An ecuadorian friend happened to mention she saw a free public show in the mariscal as part of the semana santa celebrations - it was a staging of Jesus Christ Superstar, in spanish!!!! I am dying of jealousy at missing that, but at least I can have my own private showing. Hey, if it's good enough for the capital of a catholic country, it's good enough for my own non-pious purposes.


  1. >don't really have any jewish
    >buddies or gentile guinea pigs yet

    I wish that in a heated yet slightly misguided reaction to anti-semitism, you started referring to all gentiles as "guinea pigs." HA - take that, you small, furry, adorable goys!

  2. Aren't guinea pigs referred to as cuy?

  3. Aren't guinea pigs referred to as cuy?
    Only when you live in a culture that EATS them. Which wasn't quite the metaphor I was looking for :)

  4. Huh? (Life is a little confusing right now, but that last comment?) N

  5. are guinea pigs considered pork? in that case they wouldn't be kosher.

  6. By definition guinea pigs MUST be gentile so you are being redundant. This from the expert (haha). Was wondering if you had a Seder. I was pretty lazy myself though did make Charoses and roasted asparagus. And made sure I had dark chocolate for dessert. And wine. All the best things! Except no macaroons, boo hoo.

  7. ha, i write a long post filled with spirit for the holiday season, and here we are all rambling about guinea pigs :)

    N - guinea pigs are called cuy in south america. but cuy is a food for them... roasted on a stick wasn't exactly the statement i was trying to make about non-jewish friends being roped into my passover celebrations. Anyway, enough about those little rodents. Hey, isn't that garnet over there?

  8. Yes, GR soon will be "there", as in Cambridge, then Vermont, then Connecticut. Yup.