Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Holy freezing-cold Easter weekend, Batman!

If the phrase "Bizarrely, apocalyptically chilly weather" doesn't mean much to you, perhaps the fact that last Saturday's highs were 30 DEGREES COLDER THAN SEATTLE'S HIGHS will sound more impressive. We had a brief freeze (well, not quite freeze, but I think any afternoon temperature lower than 38, in Austin, in April, can be legitimately called as such) last weekend, resulting in much sleet and snow out in the country, but no such luck here, alas.

I really have nothing else to share with y'all... just felt like I should pop up and say hi before Rebecca gets a chance to post again! Life with just one job has been treating me beautifully so far, though I've mostly been too busy to revel properly in it. Tomorrow I'm finally going to my first martial arts (!!!) class, where I get to use the two-month pass that I won last April at a silent auction but have been two busy since then to actually cash in on till now. In other gift certificate news (and there's actually a lot), I'm planning on swinging by Book People this afternoon (and by "swinging by" I mean "disappearing into and emerging several hours later") to use my $100 gift card, a farewell present from some of my preschool parents. After leaving Book People, I'll stop at Richard's store to by a pair of on-sale shoes using the $10 coupon I got for free when we went to see the Banff Film Festival. Then I'll go to yoga, where I'll have my choice of using one of 8 classes I won at a different silent auction last year, or one of 4 classes another one of my preschool parents bought me. Then maybe I'll go to the grocery store and use a coupon or something, just to round out my evening. (And that's not even mentioning our free passes last night to see a special screening of First Snow, starring Brad Pitt and Hilary Swank -- er, I mean Guy Pearce and Piper Perabo. {Aside to B: Oh my god! I just realized she's the crazy fencing hottie from "Lost & Delirious"!} It was a fairly unoriginal psychological drama, but we both enjoyed it.)

Okay, no more gift certificates or interesting happenings to report. Back to Rebecca...



  1. Yay kt posts!! The people demand more kt! (Hmm, I guess I should say The Evil Blog Dictator demands more kt! But I like to think I'm in touch with the needs of my constituency. Y'all want more kt, right?)

    Isn't it nice to not be working 24/7?? I'm jealous of your gift certificates. The only one I have left is for 25 Central. (No I STILL haven't used it.)

  2. KT, don't you dare drag my name through the mud like that!! That was the most hauntingly terribly acted movie ever! And I had to watch it twice. The eye candy was most definitely the only redeeming part. And the genre ( ;) insert theme here).

    Bye guys! <3