Thursday, April 05, 2007

in which i, again, am that person

You know, the one who indulges in pointless behind the scenes technobabble. Except I don't even have actual techie chops, so it's that much more mundane. Sorry. I've summarized the important part in bold. (I'm really spoiled now by LJ cuts, in which you can hide the boringness from the main page, and your readers can't complain if they are so bored they bother to click on it. Stupid mainstream plug and play blogger. Oops, I think I started the technobabble early.)

Anyway, the other day I gave into the "new blogger" pressure and tried upgrading the blog template... for all of about 2 seconds. The promised drag and drop layout editing was embarrassingly rudimentary and didn't work properly. And I was looking forward to easily be able to add google "elements" (like links, google news, images etc). But again, they were super crude and not really customizable. So back to the old school template it was, post haste. But I was still jealous of people with typepad and other blogs that easily show links, news, "what i'm reading" etc. So now I'm inspired to experiment with some widgets for the sidebar - I'll try to keep them pretty minimalistic. I may not quite have katie's luddite leanings, but i'm an old school kind of girl. I cringe every time I have to click on a myspace link, it's like opening a spare closet and bracing yourself for the inevitable piece of junk to fall on your the head, the way every inch is crammed with streaming music and video and images and assorted widgets. yeesh.

So, on that note, you may have noticed the links over on the right there. I know I'm like the last person in the world to notice, but it's such a great service. I vastly prefer 99.9% of firefox's features over safari, but the way they organize links is SO difficult to navigate. Enter, which is TAG based, so you can easily cross reference and organize your links. On my own computer, it's just one click to add or access links, but it's webbased so you can access it from anywhere! (if only i'd realized this last year, when I was constantly bouncing around different computers. grr.) And I really like the widget - very simple, and will automatically populate when I update my links. All this boils down to for you, dear reader, is that I won't have to type up these pesky posts just to share my favorite sites. The most recent links will be hanging out over in the sidebar, and if you click on the header it will show you all the links I've been moved to share, with descriptions.

I found a cool book sharing service/widget as well, so that's coming soon. I'm still looking for a good music sharing one. Just something that I can update with music I've been listening to... nothing fancy and streaming, or corporate/Amazon based. Anything else you want to see that would further your procrastination enhance your blogreading experience? I'm kind of tempted by this one. It's like that scene from Big, but in blog form (and with solfege!!).


  1. Rebecca, I'm glad you're happy with your culinary school!

    Apologies for using your blog to make personal announcements, but I must share the happy news that I purchased my plane ticket today and I'm coming to Amherst at the end of August, in time for the 5th Thursday sing, and I'll be staying for over two weeks.

    Is there a chance that I'll see both or either of you there, you two of my favorite singer bloggers?

  2. Drat! I think I'm going to miss out on all that Magda time, since I'll be traveling extensively in June and will probably have to spend the rest of the summer firmly planted in Austin.

    Wait a minute... you're coming BACK to the Valley in the SUMMER?????? If I recall correctly, didn't you classify Massachusetts in August as one of the gravest mistakes of your life? :) Oh, the humidity...

  3. Thanks! And please do make your personal announcements here anytime. It's a happy distraction from my RAMBLING. seriously, i think i am getting worse with age.

    There's a tiny possibility I could be around then, because it's right after my program ends here, and my bday! So there's nothing I'd like more than to take a trip east. But I will probably be much too poor. We shall see :)

  4. KT, I'm coming to the Valley on Aug. 29th, which basically counts as September, doesn't it? :) My local informer Laura T. tells me is not so humid anymore. I did classify Mass. in August as a grave mistake, and I intend NEVER to do it again!

  5. Ha ha, okay... Laura didn't lead you astray... by September it's nice again. Phew! No melting Magda this year :)