Monday, April 02, 2007

Ooh, I forgot to brag about...

My tax returns! Says my personal tax preparer my dad - "You will eventually be the proud recipient of $101.75 federal dollars, and $26 big ones from the state of illinois. All this on a gross reported earnings for 2006 of $960!"

Too bad I spent more than that just today. Heh. Stupid school/moving expenses. (And stupid california. I spent $45 on a tank of gas alone the other day.) Though I'm happy to report that I've spent a total of $15 on furniture for my room, and I only lack a bookcase.

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  1. correction. i'm even poorer than previously reporter. apparently the . was supposed to be a dash. says my dad this time -

    "Punctuation giveth and punctuation taketh away.
    Your actual refund will be $101.00. That is a fist full of 75 dollars from the feds, followed by a few (26) dollars more from Illinois."

    Well, no matter how much the refund comes out to, at least it's coming back to me, and not one cent to the war.