Thursday, April 26, 2007

The place to be

is, apparently, the Wednesday farmer's market in downtown SC. When I come home from class on weds I always debate between being lazy and walking into town to buy some veggies. I had something due at the library, so that sealed the deal today. Plus we had an incredible food day today... all kinds of cool things featuring nuts and grains, and we all stuffed ourselves. so the walk was in order. Anyway, boy was I glad I did so, because I had two very fortuitous chance meetings. Keep in mind I know about 10 people here total, and TWICE i was stopped by people calling my name. The first was... my new boss, officially hiring me and asking me to come in for training on friday!!

I now work at the Capitola Book Cafe!!
It's a sweet independent bookstore tucked into a strip mall, really near my school. One of the cool things about them is they have tons of author visits. like three EVERY WEEK. And one of the things they want me to do eventually is host some of those events... basically you read the book in advance, introduce the author, and make sure everything is taken care of for them. They have some really interesting people coming up, which I can rave about in another post, hopefully after they update the listings on their site. So, yeah, it's $8 an hour, but I GET TO WORK IN A REAL LIVE BOOKSTORE!! not my high school bookstore or borders! i'm so psyched.

The second person I ran into was a woman from class, and we made plans with some other girls to see one of the screenings at the santa cruz film festival. We had such a great night... a really deep short film about, hmm, let's say cultural memory, called dear bill gates, and an incredibly engrossing documentary about burning man. I was kind of like, yeah, they'll show all the crazy shit going down there and it will be entertaining, but it was actually really moving and mostly showcased the guy who builds a yearly temple made out of found materials, and all the people who find a spiritual outlet there. As if that weren't enough, it was actually a benefit screening for an art foundation, and then afterwards an equally engrossing west african drum/dance group performed. It made me homesick for wesleyan! Then we hit up Saturn, which is this amazing vegetarian late night diner. (organic beer and tofu chocolate pie, but also tacky 50s decoration and a juke box. who says you can't have it both ways.) Where, among other things, we gossiped about our classmates and debated religion.

On a totally unrelated note, I'm listening to the audiobook for Bridge to Terebithia. Which i thought i had read before, but apparently never did. and no one told me how terribly sad it is! i got to the sad part and i don't know if i can finish it! stupid moving young adult books that make me cry while driving.

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