Tuesday, April 17, 2007

recipe teaser

So, in case anyone is over at the recipe blog frantically hitting refresh (riiight), i promise it won't be sitting idle for long. I'm cooking for my roommate's writing circle tomorrow night. (They're going to pay me to cover the cost of food, so i can practice! It's no fun to have all these cool recipes to try out, and just me to cook for.) And I have to do a snack demo for class on Friday. And I'm sure I'll whip something up for the Golden Gate Convention this weekend. And then my second homework assignment is due on Monday, for which i'll be cooking up what looks to be a TASTY breakfast. Oh my, I'm getting tired hungry just thinking about it.

Oh, if anyone was wondering, we got the first homework back yesterday, and i got a 97 :) I lost 3 points for not doing the cover page and headings right. Cathy (our master chef guru) wrote all kinds of nice comments, that it was a joy to read and such. The actual technical things i was worried about were no issue apparently... though some other people in the class did have trouble. (yeah, well, before i pat myself on the back TOO hard, let's just say it's a good thing there was no place to comment on my knife skills! When we practiced julienning and such, it was like origami class all over again... sensei was right there leaning over my shoulder: "you smart girl! you should be able to do this!")

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  1. Come on, Rebecca... you got to buckle yourself!