Thursday, April 05, 2007

Well, it’s 13 years without Kurt Cobain today

I tried to shed a tear, but I’m just so damn happy the band and courtney finally stopped fighting long enough to put nirvana on video game commercials!! Oy. It hurts my poor grunge soul. And I NEVER thought I’d say this, but it kind of makes me wish I were back in junior high, with natalia and our candles and incense and nirvana tshirts and our weareyoungandnooneunderstandsuslikekurt anniversary vigil. Ah for simpler times.

Also, let's appreciate the irony of grunge action figures... I'm trying to be appalled on principle, but am verry distracted by how well they actually captured the Kurt Stare of Angst™.

(Goes back to listening to Tourette's on repeat. Because if there's anything better than the Kurt Stare of Angst™, it's the Kurt Scream of Angst™.)

1 comment:

  1. Rebecca, thank you for introducing me to Nirvana - even though it took me about 10 years to fully appreciate his musical talent, I finally came around. In my past days I would have bought you the action figure but now that I am a more responsible (ie, less materially acquisitive) denizen of planet earth, I will instead let you simply admire the virtual Kurt.
    And now I will listen to Tourette's to commemorate the occasion. Those of you with eclectic taste will also want to know that yesterday, April 4, was Muddy Water's birthday. Go play some blues.