Wednesday, May 30, 2007

arrested development fans, rejoice

So if you've ever watched Arrested Development you know David Cross (Tobias) is hi-larious. The man has no shame. One of my classmates introduced me to his HBO sketch comedy show from the 90s, Mr. Show. We only watched a few episodes, but apparently there are 4 seasons out on DVD.

A couple of samples from the episodes i saw, thanks to youtube. (err, if you are offended by obscene humor you will probably want to skip these. And the show for that matter. Although you probably aren't reading this because you turned off Arrested Development at the first incest joke.)

I'm not a huge sketch comedy fan, but they totally had me at this skit from the first episode.
Ronnie Dobbs
Behind the Music meets Cops.

Dude, I totally need a bag hutch.

The Farmhouse Musical
with guest star Jack Black.
"What about the moo cow, and what about the haaay?" *rocks out*

Oh god, I just watched all of those about 3 times. I'm dying. And the genius of the show is actually more in the stream of consciousness way they string the skits together. Just watch it.

And someone sent me a link to Michael Cera's latest project. I haven't watched it yet, but it sounds like when George and Jerry were writing their show about nothing, except in CBS-web-mockumentary form. Check out the first episode here.
(Update - I did watch, it is funny, and is super seinfeld - they even make a ted danson reference! hee!)

OK folks, I'm off to buy local organic peaches and cherries from the farmer's market. All hail california.

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