Wednesday, May 23, 2007

assorted awesomeness

Well I may not have a VA hospital in my neck of the woods, but the Food Bin sports a pretty great sign o the week. It's usually something appropriately Santa Cruz touchy feely, like "Trust Yourself" or "Sunshine is an elixir." Then the other week it was just this:

I got up bright and early on Saturday for the library's book sale. Total cost for the 20 or so books I picked up: $18.50. Sweeet. I mostly picked up 70s era natural foods cookbooks, with some kids books tossed in since they were nearly free as it was priced by weight. My favorite find was a 1943 edition of A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. Even though it was an old beat up library copy and I already own a nice new paperback, I HAD to buy it after seeing that the back cover features pretty excellent war bond propaganda by the author herself! Available for your viewing pleasure thanks to the good people at Google books. She lives on a police widow's pension in a little house in Brooklyn...

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