Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Farewell Mocon??

Pictures here. I'm trying to dredge up fond memories... wait for it... wait for it......


  1. remember when we ate there together? that was fun! though the place, admittedly, sucked. and, come to think of it, all i can remember is talking to mr. ween.

  2. Ha ha... that's Wein to you. Yeah, whatever happened to him?

  3. he's doing teach for america in some rural backwater in the south, remember??

    Also, does our best collective memory of mocon really involve david wein? Heh not that i can do better. All I can come up with is sundae sundays, which is giving me a stomachache just thinking about it. oh - and adam's incessant "socializing."

  4. err, not to imply that my memories of mr wein aren't fond. (pretty kick ass musical, no?) but we should have our own memories, right? someone??? hmm... now the best i'm coming up with is all the shortcuts through the science center basement... (wallace pringle and his little closet, anyone??)

  5. Being that I'm the only one with semi-regular contact with the famous David Wein, Superstar, I can tell you that he is indeed finishing his third year of TFA in the Mississippi River Delta, soon moving to Baltimore, where he will continue to teach, write, direct, and produce plays, and preach loving tolerance. He actually sounds great, both happy and mature. What a guy!

    I am sorry to see Mocon go. My first year we used to partake in "smocon" (smoke-on). Oh the joys of a plastic flower vase bong.

    xoxo, Lo