Tuesday, May 01, 2007

"From the coal mines of Kentucky to the California sun"

Would you look at that, I’m still capable of going a few days in between posts. I thought KT might step up with tales of McMahon, but she’s probably still gawking at her overflowing inbox. (*looks around innocently...*) Meanwhile I've had an excellent weekend. On Friday, for the first time in quite a while, I officially made more money than I spent! Woohoo! Saturday my mom came down from her visit with Sue, and got a peek into my culinary life here. We visited two awesome vegetarian restaurants, a couple of my favorite natural foods stores, my school, my bookstore, and took a walk around the lagoon/wildlife preserve/sewage treatment plant that's just a couple blocks from my house. Yesterday I blissfully accomplished very little.

Tonight will be hard to top. If y'all thought I was obsessing about Dale Ann Bradley before, watch out. I've been super excited that she was playing a concert just up the road in Felton, and finally the day was at hand! Of course my two classmates who wanted to come along were the 20 year olds, and it’s a 21+ show. grr. Fortunately my roommate April is always up for a last minute outing. I knew it would be a small show, but I was NOT prepared to walk in and be greeted by Dale Ann herself, and then be treated to such an intimate performance - there were about 20 people, and the 5 piece band played their absolute hearts out. Moonshinin songs, gorgeous harmony on some old time spirituals, and the most kickass bluegrass version of Me and Bobby McGee (??!!). Whew. Not bad for a lady who had to visit the ER earlier in the day for her carpel tunnel, eh?

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