Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mothers Day! and mail

Happy day to all the moms out there. (Pictured is my own lovely mother of course. In the cloud forest in Ecuador.)
Also, as much as I love our dear old USPS, I found the imminent postal increase extremely motivating. So there are shiny pieces of real mail heading around the country to y'all... my extremely belated un-christmas cards. And one not quite so belated bday present... sorry to keep you waiting kt...


  1. Haha, K just received her birthday present from me today. It's a good May for celebrating her birthday, eh?

  2. how come every time i link to a picture on fotki it disappears after a while? I can't be using THAT much bandwidth. bah.

    (and yes, it was also a good november for celebrating my birthday! And this should put your bday into about July... see, I'm not late after all!)