Thursday, May 03, 2007

Latest ode to Southwest, and misc

1) Yay Southwest for finally extending its booking dates to the fall. KT and R and I have all kinds of shiny new e-tickets, featuring extended visits and lots of singing!!!!! Also, i get to go to the grand canyon, and they get to see the nephs.

2) In re: to recent discussion...
Virginia Tech massacre has Koreans rethinking balance between education and social needs

3) If I am a good girl and get some of my homework done beforehand, I'm going to treat myself to this concert. (Dale Ann Bradley? In a church? With "pie and coffee" and "fine folks"??? I'm so there.) And if I'm an an even better girl and don't pull an all nighter finishing my homework on sunday night this time, I'm going to go sing in Berkeley on Monday.

4) Speaking of the last homework, lack of sleep was rewarded with a perfect 100 :) (Yeah, expect lots of self-congratulatory posting about my high marks, which mostly result from my ability to follow directions and do some simple math, and are unrelated to any culinary prowess. Ah grades, how rarely you correlate to actual learning...) I'll post the recipes as soon as I'm feeling less lazy.

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