Monday, May 28, 2007

Marge: "They said if you don't go in tomorrow, don't bother going in Monday." Homer: "Woohoo! Four-day weekend!"

Well, I guess let's start where I left off. Remember that big pot of steaming gruel I made last weekend? I forgot to make an addendum to my last post to share another fairly-tasty thing I discovered how to make with it: mix it up with nutritional yeast and soy sauce and wrap up a scoop of it in a Bibb lettuce leaf! It was even company-friendly... Alexa came over last Sunday and I reluctantly fed her some and she at the very least pretended to enjoy it. So there you go!

The epilogue to this story is that the remaining leftovers were rendered thoroughly unfit to eat when our refrigerator up and died last Sunday night. We discovered it Monday morning, but of course hadn't woken up in time to actually do anything about it before we left for work. Our landlord kindly replaced it, but the new fridge wasn't delivered until Friday morning, which meant we got to eat soggy veggies and lukewarm yogurt out of a cooler for four days. God bless William Cullen, or Oliver Evans, or Jacob Perkins, or John Gorrie, or Carl von Linden, or Thomas Elkins, or John Standard, or whoever was actually responsible for inventing our refrigerator.

So the week passed uneventfully except for our lack of perishables. Friday we both had the day off from work and in the afternoon we headed out to the Kerrville Folk Fest. It rained and rained and rained all the way out there, and then we literally pulled up over the last hill before the ranch and the sun popped out. It was, as Richard proclaimed, a Kerrville miracle. We met up with some of his friends from work, pitched our tent (er, Richard pitched it... I stood nearby and tried not to compromise the integrity of his state-of-the-art technology), ate chips and tuna, and spent the evening watching mainstage acts. Highlights included Tracy (though I must confess I was rather underwhelmed by her set), the guy who wrote "The Dutchman", and... well, um, that's about it. Kerrville has seen better nights, I think. But we got in lots of quality hang-out time with Richard's very pregnant co-worker and her enjoyable husband, and I guess a night of camping is better than no camping at all. Plus we got half-price tickets so the whole shebang only cost us $15 apiece. In the morning we decided we'd had our fill of hippies and wanted to go home and have the rest of the weekend to ourselves, so we packed up and snuck out of there before any of his friends could see us go and yell at us to stay. Perhaps it was a little lame of us, but really, there's only so much of 20somethings in dreads and Chacos who came out a week early to volunteer and are staying the entire 18 days of the festival and greet everyone who arrives with "Welcome home!" that you can take, you know? I mean, I love it for what it is, but I can't say our spirits didn't lift immeasurably as we sped guiltily away like a regular Bonnie & Clyde. We stopped on the way back and bought some blackberries and peaches - Hill Country peaches come into season right about Kerrville time every year, and the road to the festival is crowded with little peach stands - from a sweet, doddering old man in an "I'm Drunk And You're Ugly, But In The Morning I'll Be Sober And You'll Still Be Ugly" baseball cap, and then went home.

Today R's back at work and I'm savoring my last day of freedom... I leave Wednesday for a conference, get back Sunday night, and leave three days after that for DC, NYC, and Israel. Ack!!

And with that, I'm off.

Oh yeah - happy graduation, Dan!!!!! Everyone, please feel free to barrage him with questions about what he's going to do with his life. That is, after he spends the summer as an assistant custodian at his old elementary school. Or perhaps I've said too much...


  1. Congratulations Dan!

    Your life is like the anti-Good Will Hunting.

  2. mix it up with nutritional yeast and soy sauce
    awesome, that's totally the natural foods version of "add lots of salt"

  3. "I guess a night of camping is better than no camping at all."

    ERRONEOUS!!! Wrong!! No!!!! I'm sorry. That is incorrect. You lose.

    But awesome post all around, thanks.


  4. remember how not nostaglic for frff this post makes me?

  5. Ha ha... J you were on my mind so much this weekend. You too, B. We should have a 2007 FRFF group therapy session sometime...

    And Linda, I TOTALLY thought of you when I was writing that line!!!! And how you would be thinking something exactly like what you wrote upon reading it!!!!!!!!! xoxoxoxox