Friday, May 04, 2007

Yes, this is how I spend my Friday nights.

This is a thing I stole from a livejournal friend. I always love a good excuse to pointlessly reminisce, or at least look through old computer files/pictures/emails/blog entries.

20 years ago I...
1. Was 4.
2. Had a best friend named Monica something. Then she moved.
3. Uh... not the most memorable year of my life. Oh, I spent a lot of time at Mommy Gail’s. I think that might have been in the era of the biting girl.

10 years ago I...

1. Was playing my one season of sports ever. Yeah Freshmen B team soccer!!
2. Spending an excessive amount of time playing mario kart and listening to Jesus Christ Superstar at Natalia’s house.
3. Cheating my way through biology exams with MP.

5 years ago I...
(Ooh, here’s where I can start to dig into my computer archives and tell you EXACTLY what I was up to on this date in history.)
1. Was writing about populist farmers in North Dakota for “20th Century US History”, “African-American millenialism” for “End of the World”, “Nuclear Education” for “Culture of Peace”, and Homeroom for “Intro to Soc.”
2. Was counting the days until the end of classes (4!) and my flight to Italy (17!!)
3. Registered for WesMatch (whooooa blast from the past!!!)

3 years ago I...
1. Was understaffed at Homeroom on a Tuesday afternoon.
2. Was done with college!
3. Went to KT’s very last Ono concert!

1 year ago I...
1. Took the long and bumpy bus ride to the Black Sheep Inn in Chugchilan!
2. Was anticipating upcoming vacationing to Tena, Mindo, and Canoa.
3. Likewise anticipating my month at Jezreel.

So far this year I...

1. Stepped back in time. Lived the good Middletown life for a month.
2. Have sung at 3 conventions in 3 states.
3. Moved to California, started culinary school, and got a bookstore job. (Yeah yeah, so that was three in one. It’s been a busy year!)

Yesterday I...
1. Caught up with B, aka my favorite international public health graduate student to be!
2. Read part of Anastasia vive aqui
3. Made granola and something vaguely italiany with fresh fava beans from the farmer's market.

Today I...

1. Had “fish day” at school, which was not my favorite day, but still better than Wednesday, which was “chicken day”.
2. Ate way too much of the world’s best cake ever. (Lemon Spelt Bundt Cake)
3. Listened to the Martha Scanlan album I downloaded. And watched the VM episode I downloaded. Mmmm torrents.

Tomorrow I will...

1. Plan recipes for next homework assignment.
2. Clean the bathroom.
3. As previously mentioned, reward myself with this concert.

In the next year I will...
1. Officially be able to call myself a natural chef.
2. Find a choir to join, and somewhere to volunteer (teaching ESL and/or working with kids).
3. Save money so I can move to BOLIVIA!

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