Tuesday, June 05, 2007

If Wil Wheaton told you to jump off a bridge...

Wil says:
After finishing Monster Nation, I find myself in this joyful place, where I decide which book to pluck from the pile. Where will I go next? Into the past? Into the future? One thing is for sure, I'm tired of the present. All the nonfiction books I've accumulated over the last year, all the investigations and polemics and expert insights are as unwelcome as the evening news. In fact, I took them all and put them in a box in the garage. Maybe I'll read them at some point in the future, when I want to visit the past.

I realized this morning, while I opened and closed and considered and abandoned book after book that I want to read purely to escape this world, even if the world to which I flee is overrun with zombies.


Thanks, wil, for your timely validation. All day I've been waiting to run away from the bestselling copies of The Secret History of the American Empire taunting me at work, and cuddle up with my dogeared copy of The Kid Who Ran for Principal.


  1. You said "Word."

    WHO ARE YOU??????????

  2. ha ha ha ha. i totally almost didn't, because you know how i hate that, but it kind of expressed exactly what i wanted to say and i was too lazy to edit. I just wanted to read my nerdy book.

    OOH and just for a taste of your own medicine, I'd like to take this first opportunity to PUBLICLY MOCK YOU for your recent purchase of a shiny new CELLULAR PHONE. Your faux luddite status is officially revoked.

    (PS - call me!)

  3. It's true, I do have a phone, but I'm still half a luddite because I never actually turn it on... I'm just doing SO MUCH TRAVELING this summer, and it's a pain in the ass not to have a phone when you travel. Speaking of which, maybe I should go pack since I leave tomorrow for DC and New York and Israel...