Monday, June 11, 2007

On the use of my time in a productive manner.

Well, I've got about an hour before my bedtime, and I have three options.

1) Work on my overdue homework assignment.
2) Post the pictures and recipes from the assignment before THAT for your viewing pleasure
3) Write this significantly less interesting post, and then watch another episode of Heroes.

Yes, you guessed it. Number 3 it is. Let's see, possible news of interest:

- Starting in a couple weeks I'll have my very own permanent shift. Saturday 11-7. Which is fine by me... that still leaves Tue, Thu, Sun work/school free, it's not like I have any attachment to the weekend per se. In fact I'd rather have time off during the week when the town is less flooded with tourists. And I wouldn't say no to a second shift... If I don't have Real Life commitments to get me out of bed, I don't ever accomplish anything no matter how much "free time" I have.
- I spent lots of quality time today with m's birthday twin! He can sort of say "duck" and is a little SPEED DEMON. The second he stopped being interested in holding onto alto pantlegs, he was across the square and heading up the steps before you knew it. I can't believe both m and o are almost a whole year old!!
- Tomorrow is our second field trip, here. With baby goats!

And I'll leave you with this silly picture from Memorial Day at the Bridges.

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