Monday, June 11, 2007

progress shmogress! up with analog!

Ok now, I'm not even a faux Luddite like KT. I like the technology. But I'm also an "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" kind of gal and if there's anything I can't stand, it's the constant need to upgrade everything. BIGGER FASTER SHINIER MORE EXPENSIVE.
Doesn't The Man have better things to do than take away my one sad little staticky channel? And really, since when does the government have 80 bucks per family to spend at Best Buy?? Aren't we at war or something? What's that about a health care crisis? Global warming? Failing schools? Grumble grumble.

Rabbit ears will soon be clipped
At midnight on Feb. 17, 2009, the rabbit ears and the rooftop antennas that still guide television signals into nearly one of every five U.S. homes will be rendered useless -- unless they are tethered to a new device, including two versions unveiled Wednesday, that the government will spend as much as $80 a household to help families buy.


  1. Dear R'cita,

    Should I add Veronica Mars to my Netflix queue?


    Wondering in Western Mass (aka Linda)


    Who are those adorable people with you in the picture shown in your previous post? They seem fond of you.

    -WWM (aka L)

  2. Dear WWM (aka L)

    You should absolutely without a doubt right this minute do not pass go add Veronica Mars to your netflix queue. Well, the first season anyway. The first season is some of the best television ever. It's smart and funny and tearjerking and kickass and has this mystery arc that manages to wrap up a wide ensemble of characters and one-off episodes and clues with one of those classic "i never saw it coming but of course!" endings. (I read that the creator had conceived the season as a novel originally.) Season 2 was not that kind of masterpiece, since you can tell the writers are all "hmm... what now...", but was easily way above most other tv. Season 3 was mostly a waste of space and it deserved to be canceled. (Excuse me while I go in the corner and cry. Or maybe read some fanfic. Ahem.)

    As for the adorable people, they are the Bridges! Family friends, who I suppose would be godparents were I to have anything religious-y like that. (Their son Nick is my age, our moms got pregnant on the buddy system. Aww.)
    File photos here:
    Nick and Katie's wedding
    We all pose

    I hope this answers your questions, dear reader!

    - BISC (Blogging in Santa Cruz)

  3. Thanks, ma'am! -L