Sunday, July 01, 2007

blah blah blah. and photos!

1) I declare a moratorium on the phrase: "... for the myspace generation."

2) Anyone out there watch Heroes? I'm almost done with the first season and am mostly impressed. I ask mainly because flipping through Entertainment Weekly at work I came across the most ridiculously cute picture of George Takei and Masi Oka. Please appreciate the hilarity. Or, why aren't you watching Heroes yet?

3) While I'm making random media commentary, last weekend I watched Rebel Without a Cause and Children of Men. Whoa and whoa. I didn't really know what to expect from the former. After I picked myself off the floor and pretended I could take 24-year old James Dean seriously as a teen icon, my jaw continued to drop - one minute terrible B-movie ripped from the headline-ness (headshrinkers and juvenile delinquents galore), the next, serious existential angst (um, how come my field trips to the planetarium were never that apocalypticly depressing?). God bless 1955. And the latter was sort of everything you hope for from a dystopian thriller. Was totally entranced from the first scene. The premise reminds me of this random french movie I watched when I was home sick from school years ago. (God knows why I chose that one, since it wasn't exactly the feel good movie of the year, especially to my poor young impressionable mind!)

4) And finally, media you may actually be interested in. Or not, since Katie already posted half these. Heh.

I now wash my hands of my road trip photos!
Austin - Friends, obama, alcohol, and singing. What more can I ask of you, texas?
The road west, featuring Aspen.
wmshc 2007 - A geography lesson. Did you know that if you keep driving west, eventually you'll end up back in Northampton?

Speaking of wmshc, i just remembered this is the PVAD/HOA weekend! aww, so many acronyms to be homesick for.


  1. Pleased to remember Rebel. I was in middle school seeing that the first time. Serious angst in black and white for a teen-to-be ... but a word not much used at the time in middle america.

  2. Heroes is out on dvd in August, and I have it saved to my Netflix queue. And the first Veronica Mars disc could arrive as early as this weekend...


  3. 1) Aww you were so their target audience, you all-american teen you. Was it SHOCKING, just SHOCKING?

    2) bwa ha ha ha... you do my bidding so well! heroes! veronica mars!