Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CA is purty...

Well I'm writing from Orinda on this sunny Tuesday. Was supposed to have a meeting in the city tonight, to observe a workshop put on by Leah's Pantry. Hoping to work with them in the fall when they will be adding sites in the south bay. The class ended up being postponed, but I was already set to come up to sing in Berkeley last night and stay over at Sue's so I came anyway.

This weekend's highlights
Sat - Wow did it get old charging people $30.30. But fun energy, and the store made tons of cold hard cash, so we should all have our jobs for a while longer. I haven't read the book yet, having only last night reached the place I left off left year (p304) in el misterio del principe. bah. Harry Potterness aside, after work I dashed off to see Much Ado About Nothing at Shakespeare Santa Cruz. I got free tickets to the opening night from the Literacy Volunteers, and seeing as how it's supposed to be one of the best Shakespeare festivals in the country I figured I had better take advantage. I had never seen or read Much Ado, and half-heartedly skimmed the wikipedia plot description and some analysis in the Cliff's notes at work so I wouldn't feel totally illiterate. OK, romantic comedy, meh. Granted, a romantic comedy by Shakespeare is probably better than your average J.Lo movie, and this company is known for their edgy modern interpretations, but I wasn't expecting much. But whoa... that was the most kick ass shakespeare production i've ever seen. Just funny and sexy and totally spot on. From the raving of the veteran Shakespeare SC goers around me, sounds like it was one of their better shows. Also hard to beat sitting a few feet from the stage in a little glen surrounded by redwoods, on a warm summer's evening. (Have I mentioned how there don't appear to be mosquitoes here?) (Also, the one really distracting thing about the play was that they sang Patty Griffin's "Be Careful" in the night-before-the-wedding scene... sort of poignant, sort of unnecessarily indulgent Lilith Fair kind of moment...)
Sun - Drove up to sing in Half Moon Bay. WHOA driving north on Highway 1, how amazingly beautiful you are. 1 hugs the pacific coast the whole way and is dotted with a million picturesque pull-off beaches, a lighthouse, U-pick berry farms... I stopped on the way back to join a crowd watching the vibrant colors of the windsurfers and parasailers on one beach. Also, I live right off of Mission (1 as it runs through Santa Cruz) so when i looked it up on googlemaps the directions for the hour long drive were like: turn right, drive 50 miles, turn left, turn right. the end. Uh, I think it's an understatement to call it a huge improvement on wrestling with the SC mountains and an assortment of freeways on the usual drive "over the hill".

Back to the present lovely CA afternoon... I'm off to pick some of Sue's apricots and revisit some of my Ecuadorian choral music on her piano (which, like my mom's is too nice and makes me ashamed of my grubby unskilled fingers), and then head home. On the way I'll probably check out some ethnic eateries in Berkeley that I usually only have time to gawk at longingly.

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  1. um. the book was brilliant. did you read it? i know you did...