Friday, July 27, 2007

A happy birthday to the Big N!

I've heard she has an evil firewall that prevents her from seeing this, but I'm sending birthday wishes her way anyway.

I wish I had embarrassing pictures of little Natalia to post, but we'll have to stick with these file photos...

With Lillian (and, most importantly, Jewel cake!) way back on her 20th

Hitting the beach in Ecuador last summer

(Also, I was inspired to google my bff from elementary school, who has the same birthday as N, which was fun for the 2 seconds we were all friends in 7th grade. Turns out she's a high school gym teacher now. Good times.)


  1. Happy birthday Natalia even though you can't read this! Remember when you really liked my story about my mother accidentally buying extra-strong horseradish for Passover? Well, if there's one thing I learned from spending 10 days with a bunch of Jews in Israel, it's that I'm definitely not the only one with that story... I guess even the Chosen People have off days...

  2. My dad also sends birthday wishes, even though you're not reading this. He says he dreamed it was your birthday, and then woke up to read this and was astounded at his prescience. I told him he just remembered after how-ever-many years of knowing you.

    Also, it's Wil Wheaton's bday!

  3. happy birthday wil wheaton!