Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Look, I'm a sheep!

Baa, I have a gmail account! I haven't abandoned wes, and will probably just forward the gmail there for now. But the spam encroaches every day (lately it's all UK lottery "winnings" of all things), and they like to disable my account whenever someone send me lots of photos, and I forget the password for my old backup canada.com account. I've been meaning to do this for awhile, but it took me forever to find a name that wasn't taken - I wanted just plain rledwards like my wes account, but with my stupid generic name the closest i could get was something like edwardsrl347492. And if I had a recurring nightmare, I think it would involve being forced to send important email from catluvrrr_82@sunnyhappythoughts.net, you know? Anyway, for now you can find me at rebecitacooks at gmail dot com. Email me, yo! I promise to reward you with, um, my undying love? Oh, I know just how to break in that large server space - my Photoshop for Dummies came in at the library, and I need an excuse to play around with it, so how about I reward you with a pretty graphic? Also, you can get all the lurid non-public details about how I'm suddenly down 2 roommates. Which, adjusting for the 4th enamorado roommate who lives here only in name, leaves... yep, just me holding down the fort on Laurent St. Party!


  1. catluvrrr_82@sunnyhappythoughts.net

    Oh my god. I officially love you.


  2. he he. I was trying to remember if i ever had any embarrassing user names like that, and I think I might have had an aol name with "sunrise" in it for about 2 seconds. Ooh, but I had forgotten until now that the one I used most often in jr high was definitely kurt1701D. Probably everyone I met online just thought I was a male scifi nerd, rather than a nirvana worshipping scifi nerd. oh, the layers. sreen name confessionals? anyone?

    Thanks for all the emails folks!

  3. Hooray! Come chat with me. (Oops, now I feel sleazy. And nerdy.)

  4. Do you think KT forgets that this is her blog too?

  5. KT who? N-