Thursday, July 12, 2007

So, uh, I hear Rebecca likes to cook. Just a rumor.

I cooked all day at school. I cooked all evening for the Homeless Garden Project. I didn’t mean to cook anything in between. It was an accident. A glorious, glorious, accident.
This afternoon was meant to be dedicated to interviewing new roomies and spending quality time in line at the post office. (Only slight sarcasm intended. I still heart the USPS. The guy actually saved me $3.50 by recommending the flat rate priority box. I need a post office flag or something to put up on holidays instead of the red white and blue.) I only intended to stop by the farmers market to pick up staples (baby greens, heirloom tomatoes.) But every week I’m blown away by all the new arrivals! Crazy california with its overflowing bountiful conucopia of produce. Eventually I plain ran out of cash, but not before acquiring too much fruit. And amaranth greens!! You remember my fascinating nutritional profile of amaranth a few posts back...well the greens were touted as even more nutritious, if such a thing were possible. I despaired of ever seeing them in the flesh, and then lo and behold, the magic of the farmers market. But, I digress. The single most important event of recent history, I picked up some squash blossoms! I rushed them home and stuffed them just like I learned in Italy. So. Good.
Go in for the closeup at the recipeblog.

Can’t wait to steal some from the HGP tomorrow, and try other recipes. Apparently they’re traditional in Mexican cooking too...


  1. Our farmer's mkt has squash blossems, but i haven't been inspired. different story now!

    Also, your line of the month, so far: "So because i'm me, I had algae marmalade on hand from a supermkt in Peru ..."

  2. wow, i wrote that post late last night when I was feeling very. enthusiastic. It kind of hurts to read it this side of dawn. they were quite tasty though. that's my story and i'm stickin to it.

    (glad you enjoyed the algae marmalade shoutout! Thanks for importing it for me.)