Friday, August 24, 2007


Well, the unthinkable has happened. I, the girl whose idea of the perfect afterlife is never having to change out of my pajamas, have gone completely stir-crazy. It's too hot to go outside. Our DVD player is unreliable at best. We get four TV stations. I'm just headachey enough that being on the computer is a bit of a pain (though clearly not enough to deter me from self-exposatory rambling...) and just draggy enough that I can't seem to get much of anything done. I haven't been expending enough energy to be able to sleep. I'm sick of reading. Being around friends without being able to talk or laugh out loud is too exhausting. The complications of maneuvering my way through public space and interactions with strangers is enough to overwhelm me before I even get out the door. I give up! 100% VOICE REST WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME!!!

In other news, I have three new best friends: my mother and two members of the Edwards family who are, with incredible generosity, sponsoring my kickathon with donations to support women's self-defense and nonviolence community outreach in Austin. Who's next? (You know you're dying to be immortalized in 17th-century English verse!) According to the kickathon hand-out I got, I'm supposed to encourage you to pledge by explaining how long I have studied karate, what belts I have earned, and what my future goals are. So here goes: I started studying in April, I just earned my blue stripe, and my future goal is to become a black belt, because I sort of don't believe I could do it and I desperately, desperately want to prove myself wrong. I started taking karate because I've always been un-athletic and bad at sports, which just made me never want to try because I knew I was setting myself up for failure. I have MASSIVE insecurities about anything involving any sort of strength or athleticism, particularly male vs. female issues (come on, I know I'm not the only former fat kid, the one who made all the boys groan when I was assigned to their team in gym class, reading this right now...). The dojo where I go is primarily women - all the instructors are women, and there are only a few co-ed classes per week - which is the only thing that gave me the confidence to start taking classes at first and then stick with it. It's an amazing dojo; the community is tight-knit and supportive, the Sensei and the other teachers are incredibly inspirational, and because of the fact that we're (mostly) all women learning to punch and kick and defend ourselves and look people straight in the eye, there's a focus on self-empowerment, avoiding or leaving abusive relationships, strength of spirit, and doing what, as women, we never thought we could do - or, as is also so often the case, what others never expected us to do. They're a wonderful organization and it would mean so much to me if you felt moved to make a donation to them.

Oh yeah, and I'm also supposed to tell you that the kickathon will be hard and will require strength, discipline, and non-quitting spirit! (I'm terrified already...) What's that link again, Katie? HERE IT IS, HERE IT IS!

(Yikes, I'd better watch out or this will turn into an actual blog, the kind where the writer shares way too much personal information all the time and you're vaguely horrified but still find yourself checking it every two hours...)

Okay, enough out of me already... stay tuned this weekend, because I suspect I have a lot more typing to do before my voice rest is over on Wednesday!


  1. (Yikes, I'd better watch out or this will turn into an actual blog, the kind where the writer shares way too much personal information all the time and you're vaguely horrified but still find yourself checking it every two hours...)
    Heh, you mean I haven't already tipped it into that territory?

    Poor KT and KT's voice!! I'm spamming your inbox as fast as humanly possible... I hope that vaguely relieves the boredom. I can always forward you the complete volumes of my correspondence with you from jr year, which should keep you busy for awhile... Also we should play scrabble online.

  2. Also I'll try to come up with amusement that's not actually computer related, headachy girl. There's always solitaire... crosswords... art projects... and sounds like you have some ode composing on your to do list :)

  3. You, my dear, have been spending WAY too much time around Sacred Harp babies lately... :)

  4. we haven't ever done salt dough! though last week alexandra made her first collage ever at the eric carle museum... that was a big hit... (anja was a little overzealous with the water-glue... i had to towel hers off before we could put it in the car.)
    -jenna (in memphis)