Monday, August 06, 2007

Just for the big n

Hee, n spammed the blog! Best inbox filler ever. Apparently she demands blog entertainment, so I shall post despite having nothing to say since I just emailed her. Ha, I told her I'd do so despite scaring all of you away. Now THATS friendship.

Well I have things to say but they will not come out in a coherent manner at the moment (err, the first time I typed that it came out "monet". you see the incoherence?), as I just finished my final presentation (phew...) and am for some reason foregoing sleep for internet and shower, despite my all nighter and the impending arrival of a certain newly 5 year old boy who shall require many races to the park and gymnastics in the back yard and what have you..

OH, and I didn't even notice that the last post was the blog QUADRICENTENNIAL! (Boy did I ever have to look up THAT word.) I guess it was appropriately reflecting anyway. My next post will probably be a bit reflecty too, finals related and all.

OOH N - if you need entertainment at work, have you checked out this BSC blog yet?? You will kill an afternoon on it for sure. It keeps making me want to read the superspecials, but no I haven't read HP yet, so priorities...

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