Monday, August 27, 2007

The most fertile culinary class this side of the Mississippi

Today was a bit emotional - our last class! Most of us are staying in the area and even the 2 who are moving back to Detroit are staying another month, so we didn't really have any tearful goodbyes. BUT, the big news is that we found out another classmate is pregnant! Yes, 2/7 of us are recently knocked up! It's powerful stuff, this healthy food. No joke.

also - I saw September Dawn last night, aka the crazy mormon movie, with some coworkers (thankfully for free.) The story is historically kind of interesting, particularly as I was just reading an article by Howard Zinn about under-the-radar massacres, of all things. But the movie is just this laughable soap opera of a teen "romance". And did I mention the Crazy Mormons? And hey, did you notice this historical event happened on September 11th, 150 years ago? No? That's ok, it's practically right there in the title for you. And boy, those Mormons sure are crazy, huh? I'm still kind of agog. Thank you, rotton tomatoes, for documenting the movie's many abominations far more extensively and wittily than I have time for. I officially have lost any shame at reading fanfic, because most of what I read is better and smarter than most multi-million dollar budgeted movies out there.

Also, there appears to be only one Mormon joke, judging from the non-consecutive occasions on which our mention of the movie elicited it.

"How do you keep a Mormon from drinking all your beer on a fishing trip?" "Take TWO Mormons". Yeah.

And, by the by, don't you wish you lived somewhere where "out east" included not only Chicago, but Texas and Georgia, and "down South" meant LA? Ah, California.

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