Friday, August 24, 2007

My decadent lifestyle

Good luck, Rebecca! Kick some ass! Shred some carrots! Or something...

So I had to resurface to share with you a visual representation of the sad, sorry state I find myself in. Behold, an image of our kitchen table as it appears at this moment:

That's right, your eyes do not deceive you. From left to right, items of interest include but are not limited to:

1. Prescription painkillers
2. Empty beer bottle (editor's note: not mine, but adds a lot to the pathos of the photo...)
3. Empty container of ice cream
4. Dress I just bought for convention next month (did someone say, drowning your sorrows in thrift stores?)
5. Latest issue of The Advocate, my preferred trashy gay newsmagazine

Other indications I am living in squalor and decadence:

6. Rufus Wainwright's new album in the CD player (16-piece orchestra, a song called "Between My Legs," and a guy posing in lederhosen in the liner notes; honestly now)
7. Leaving work at 11:00 this morning
8. Massive quantities of banana bread constituting 50% of my daily nutritional intake so far today
9. Need I go on?

Inspired by my own patheticness, I think I've finally summoned up the strength to do something with my life. Off to do some crossword puzzles and baking... as always, check back for frequent updates from the post-op ward!


  1. Look at KT blogging more frequently than me today! bizarro blog!

  2. Ack, I completely forgot about your voice-less-ness when I called today! So sorry! (not that Richard couldn't have returned my call...) Thanks again for the card - it definitely brightened my day, especially considering this week will most likely be full of wallowing in self-pity that I'm turning 25 all alone in LA...

    Huzzah for ice cream, baking, and solitaire (but not so much gay magazines)!

  3. Ha ha, no worries... sorry, we were both out at the time (I was putting in some hours at work so I could stay home today and not be tempted to talk to my co-workers, and R was at the Hot Sauce Festival) and didn't get your message until it was too late (5 piles, by the way :)).

  4. Voicelessness!! The impossibility of a Katie laugh that makes everyone else laugh? NOooooooo! Say it ain't so!

    Sorry to hear you are sick. Hope you are better by the time I am writing this! For me, not being able to use my voice is probably the worst sickness, but that's probably because I talk all the time!