Monday, August 06, 2007

quadricentennialism again, now with 400% more coherence.

Ah last post. How little of you I remember writing. I did take a VERY short nap afterward and despite keeping up with a small child for the several hours since I feel slightly more in a state of mind to make public commentary. I just wanted to point out that upon closer inspection, my suspicions were correct - I'm a huge blog nerd who has marked every posting centennial.

100 In which I celebrate Halloween Día del Escudo Nacional and get a job.
200 In which m is born and i rock the choral festival scene.
300 In which said post is shorter than this description. But much better.

And we're already making headway to the quincentennial... (yes KT, there is a "we" in blog!)

Have I mentioned that I've self-diagnosed myself with obsessive nostalgia?


  1. Nostalgia - only too familiar! Are you one of those people who start mourning the end of summer on August 1st because school vacations are officially halfway through, the light is different and mellower, you had so many plans for the summer and you only implemented half of them, etc. etc.? I usually manage to keep my nostalgic tendencies in check (and I would never mourn the summer in Mass., where it's hot and humid and I can't breathe or walk anywhere) but let me tell you, the change of light this year is just overwhelming... :)

    Also, I regularly read your blog, I just don't usually leave comments!


  2. happy blogmark!