Thursday, August 16, 2007

Que viva Pisco

Maybe you've heard that there was a major earthquake in Peru yesterday. I saw the story last night, but didn't find out until tonight how badly it hit Pisco. I have such fond memories of the night my dad and I spent there last fall. It was the last stop on our trip together, just a place to break the trip up the panamerican between nazca and lima. It was warm and welcoming and fine for an evening stroll. And now to read that the small city is leveled, with hundreds dead, many of whom were at a mass at the main cathedral when it collapsed. Bodies lining the streets. Pretty grim.

Anyway, I just want to share Pisco as I remember it.

The Plaza de Armas. (photo stolen from google images as I only have night shots.)

We walked around the plaza at night and bought tejas, the yummy local candy, from one of the street vendors. I thought it was hilarious how the cathedral shared a wall with a casino.

I chose the hostel for its kitchen and we had a good time scouring the city for fresh produce after everyone warned us away from the market after dark. I can still taste this meal of fresh habas and oca.

And you may remember how we proudly documented ourselves drinking pisco sours in pisco.

In Lima, the flags fly at half mast today. (from yahoo news)

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