Monday, August 20, 2007

Rest in peace, sexy voice...

Well, my friends, in about sixteen hours I will be putting myself at the mercy of one Dr. Slaughter (such a nice auspicious name...) who will put me to sleep and then proceed to remove my vocal cord nodules and straighten out my septum. Whenever I wake up from the anethesia enough to sit up properly and say a coherent sentence (my guess is Friday), I'll have a whole new voice! Well, I'll probably sound a lot like I did in 2001 or so. At any rate, I won't be able to talk much for the next week or so, so don't call me unless you have plenty to say and don't expect any response!

Unrelatedly, I earned my blue stripe in karate on Saturday - that means I'm a senior white belt! Which means I can totally kick the ass of... all those other white belts who just started in the past couple of weeks. Sigh. I'm unduly proud of myself. Oh, and our dojo is having a kickathon fundraiser that just kicked off (ha) this weekend... on November 4th, I'll be doing 1000 kicks to raise money for the nonprofit that runs our wonderful women-headed dojo. The money goes toward free self-defense classes for girls, teenagers, and women in the Austin community, as well as martial arts scholarships, and other self-defense outreach and education. If you want to give me some incentive to do 1000 kicks (I'm only an out-of-shape white belt, I need all the help I can get!!!!!!), or help the organization's mission of ending violence in the local community, or just want to help me fulfill my own personal goal of doing whatever it takes to impress my adorable Sensei, please please please click here to make a donation to sponsor me! I know Rebecca and I hit y'all up for goodwill donations more than we probably should, so this time I'll add a little incentive. If you sponsor me, I will do one or more of the following options of your choosing:

1. Write a five-verse ode about you (with rhymes and everything).

2. Bake you two dozen cookies of your choice next time I'm in your area or you're in mine.

3. Mail you a mystery present of my own choosing (no fair making requests).

In the spirit of the challenge, I'll permit you to select one, two, or three of the above options. In the event that I am overwhelmed with donations, I may later have to limit this to just one - so get your donation in now!!!

Okay, signing off until I wake up later this week...




  1. so sad i didn't ask you to sing the mmm mmm mmm while i had the chance...

    i bet your sensei doesn't give out kubotans!

    now...would said donation have to outweigh the expense of purchasing the ingredients for said cookies (i'm shameless)?

    GOOD LUCK and some extra chez-Mahoney love headed your way from me and your canine namesake. <3B

  2. don't mess with the girl!

    For the record, I rarely donate to the worthy causes I advertise, hence we are all equally guilty. I mean... don't feel bad. That being said, I sponsored katie! And I won't even request a present! Honestly, this is the least I can do seeing as how I'm going to wear out my welcome for those 10 days in september...

  3. Dude, you had me at "ode."

    Good luck with your surgery. If Dr. Slaughter messes up, might I suggest 1000 kicks in the whatsits? I'm sending this and other warm, cozy, supportive, loving thoughts your way. Mwah!


  4. Wanted to stop by to say that I'm alive and well! Still a little tired, not allowed to strain myself in any way, and my nose hasn't totally stopped bleeding since yesterday (gross!), but everything went just fine. However, I'm on complete voice rest until next Tuesday, so I'm not really allowed to talk or laugh or cough until then, which is equal parts relaxing and infuriating. Finally, a chance to put those three years of high school ASL to good use, and no one around to understand it! (To his credit, R has been very good about learning to fingerspell.)

    Kudos to Rebecca, my new best friend out of all of you, who will soon be receiving her ode, her cookies, and her mystery present by proving she loves me and women's self-defense enough to be my first kickathon sponsor!!! Come on, friends, you know you're dying to be immortalized in five stanzas. I've set a personal goal of 10 sponsors - it doesn't matter how much or how little you're able to give, but I would be just tickled if I'm able to get 10. Who wants to be my second-best friend?

    Okay, off to staunch my nosebleed and eat another popsicle...

  5. Yay, now I get my own Katie-Ode! (Nothing else, please.) I cannot wait.....but will. Love to your nose & throat, N