Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Thanksgiving. The non-cranberry kind. Mmm... cranberries...

Is it just me, or is there an epidemic of MajorLifeChangitis going around? Like the mid-20s crisis or something? I can't tell you how many people are up and quitting their jobs / making a major move / going back to school. It's kind of making me dizzy. Or maybe that's just my own life. I've been really occupied this summer with school and happy with our close knit class of 7 great women. But I'm coming up on the last month filled with final projects, and facing the prospect of the return to Real Life, with a Real Highly Hypothetical Job. So I've been feeling more than usual the stress of my fragmented life and all the wonderful people I'm so far away from (eg - You!). For all my neuroses, I'm generally a pretty solid emotional rock, which others sometimes like to rest on. Or so I hear. Hence this anxiety is rather disconcerting to my sense of self.

An incomplete list of things that are shiny and happy and make me feel like myself, and which I'm happily experiencing a lot of right now. In no particular order:
Singing - Drove up to Berkeley the last two weeks, and have been listening to cooper book goodness in anticipation of the Southwest Texas! Also, my voice is sounding the best it ever has, which is really pleasantly surprisingly. I think it's thanks to this strange lack of yelling at children or inhaling massive amounts of pollution. (And my general immersion in healthful eating and wellness.)
Long meaty life filled emails from favorite people. - Email is love. Bringing me closer to you while warming my antisocial telephone-phobic heart.
Postcards - Mostly from my mom (I am in awe at the staying power of her Lewis and Clark obsession.) But also an "out of the blue" one from Andrea.
Seeing people in the flesh, or the tantalizing prospect of doing so in the near future - My dad's visit is impending and it's fun to plan activities for 2. Also, Rebecca is the latest to leave Quito, and in 9 days she'll be in Berkeley for law school! Which not only means quality time for us, but exponentially increases the attraction for our other friends to visit.

In conclusion, love and kisses to all.

Fine print: This has not been an attempt to guilt you, dear reader, into participating in those activities. Just a thanks!
Finer print: If it did guilt you into it, so much the better ;)


  1. Well, it didn't quite guilt me into sending email (sooo busy lately), but I have been thinking for a while that you haven't been getting nearly the comments you deserve. It's great having these updates on what you're up to. Glad to hear the singing's good, too.


  2. I was exactly in my mid-20s exactly ten years ago and wouldn't want to go back. It was a pretty rough time, I was in grad school, which was a sort of transition from college to real life, and I remember feeling lost and not knowing where I'm heading or what I want. Sort of like a delayed crisis of adolescence. I had to work really hard to get a better sense of myself and improve my social skills. So whenever you feel down or not pulled together, think that it only gets better from there! Lots of love.

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  5. are you going to austin in sept?!?!? i will see you!!!! so exciting!!! could i use any more punctuation??

    (sorry, those 2 deleted comments are me. blogger keeps displaying my full name- how do they even KNOW my full name?- and i was creeped out.)

  6. Thanks for the comment love! It's so nice to just "hear your voices" as it were. But no worries about not commenting. I know people read when they want. It's not as vital for keeping in touch now that I'm back to being an ordinary citizen with lots of internet/phone access. (And I'm the first to admit that life at sea level can't quite compare with last year's adventures at altitude!)

    Jenna!!! You're going to Austin too??? That's so exciting!!!! I'll be there for the whole last week in september, because it's cheaper to come directly from my random grand canyon vacation with my mom. Yay! Reunion in Texas, y'all! (look, I can use punctuation too!)

    (also, I think blogger is creepy and omniscient now that it's tied into one's google/gmail account?)

    This is a really long comment. The end.

  7. HEY! First of all I want to go to austin too. seriously. ive never been and need to go. oh and i think the derby national championships are in austin. so itd be better if this trip we're apparently all going on falls on the LAST weekend in September... or you can go two times?

    Um, and also, lets gmail chat at work. its better than emailing, more on the spot. you know?

    and apparently my work lets me read your blog! woo hoo! more entertainment please. perezhilton is kicking your ass in terms of my thrills right now.

  8. oh also, i hear you on the quarter life crisis. but i've decided getting older makes life easier. we grow into our aged souls. or something.