Saturday, September 01, 2007


Gasp! KT has been posting more frequently than I??!! I have a backlog of things I want to share, but too much going on in my head and the world to get to it.

Mundane details of life that I can easily wrap my typing fingers around at this moment:

- My landlords have jumped into repair work, and contacters are currently overrunning the house and ripping apart the bathroom. Upside: Will soon have a shiny new bathroom minus permanent black mold and leaky/cloggy plumbing. Downside: The mold from the bathroom seems to have relocated, permeating the house in a pungent odor. (I invested in an air purifier so that I won't feel like I'm going to die every time I inhale...) Also, the timing is pretty terrible, this being the week I suddenly have lots of school-free time and overdue work that needs to get done in my kitchen / on my computer. The bathroom adjoins my room, so I don't even have any privacy during the day. Also, we have to bust into Colin's room to use his shower. Also the contracter calls me constantly to ask me questions / update me on things, even though I don't respectively know or care. I do kind of enjoy the ubiquitous mexican construction workers and their ubiquitous mexican radio listening.
- There's a tipping point where the temperature outside gets high enough that my icebox of a house is sort of warm inside. As in, I don't require snuggling under fleece blankets in the middle of the day. I want to say, 85ish? Yesterday was maybe the 2nd or 3rd day all year where this has happened. I officially declared it HOT. It's really been feeling a little like summer around here! Sunny and fog free. I actually shaved my legs and wore skirts! It's all very confusing and I feel weird wearing outfits I haven't worn since roadtrip 2005, or ecuadorian beach trips. Not to say that I don't still LAUGH UPROARIOUSLY when people complain about the heat here. Consider: No one has AC, and it's so breezy I rarely see a fan in use. My car is hardly uncomfortable after sitting in the sun all day. I don't require a daily shower. I often wear flip flops and a wool sweater.
- I spent 5 hours at the Capitola Mall yesterday. I'd never been despite driving past it twice a day. I just meant to check out pots and pans so my classmate can hook me up with her Macy's employee discount, but I got taken in by all the shiny wares and non-used clothing. And thursday before labor day = a gazillion sales, but totally deserted. it was almost creepily empty. I restrained myself from too many impulse purchases, since i was already investing in the kitchen stuff and air purifier (and a fruit picker for my oranges!). But I did leave with a new convention dress...

OK, that's it for my mundanity. Now for the required reading linkage. Is it just my selection bias, or is food politics THE issue these days?

Masterchefguru Kathy recommended the latest issue of Scientific American, this month's cover feature is "Feast and Famine: The Global Paradox of Obesity and Malnutrition." I obediently picked up a copy at the bookstore and it looks great based on what I've skimmed so far. Marion Nestle (author of What to Eat) weighs in, really interesting reports on obesity/hunger in the developing world, plus all the stuff you'd expect on nutrition, GMOs and food safety scares.

Meanwhile, eating locally is the cover story for the Metro Santa Cruz this week.

And finally, Twilight. Thumbs down. THIS is the series whose third installment knocked Harry Potter off the #1 best-seller spot?? Ugh.

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