Saturday, September 29, 2007

I want to wear a crown of glory when I get home to that bright land...

Excitement abounds this week! You wouldn't have been able to tell it from a snapshot of the past hour and a half at our house - which consisted mainly of lolling around on various couches in post-sing coma with a half-dead look in our eyes, bellies full of convention food, and voices that have undoubtedly seen better days - but really, we're having fun, we swear! In classic convention fashion, Rebecca and I were up cooking until 3am, which means I should really be napping right now, but I'm taking one for the team to make sure we don't all accidentally sleep until midnight. (Really I think my blood sugar is too high for napping anyhow, thanks to all that apple pie I ate. So much mmmmmmm...)

The singing and the acoustics were terrific today, which always makes me feel happy and beneficent toward humanity in general. Two of my lovely newbie friends came by unrelatedly to hear the singing, which was in fact a significant number considering I only have about four non-singing friends in the Republic of Texas altogether. I did a fair amount of singing for the first time since my surgery, and I can still produce noises that resemble words, so everything appears to be in more or less working order. Highlights of tomorrow: a potential third newbie friend who's professed interest in showing up; getting to see Jenna; breaking in my new Sunday dress.

Unrelatedly, it is my belief that an ad like this could do a lot for the dwindling morale of the GOP. Honestly, who CAN'T undressed women convince you to vote for?

[Caption: "The party of women. Poland is a woman"]

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  1. Honestly, who CAN'T undressed women convince you to vote for?

    Augh, I'm going to suffer heavily from introspective angst because you asked this question. Curse you, Katie!