Thursday, September 06, 2007

Just because blogger has a video upload feature...

(...which actually didn't work for me. But then I'd gone and written the rest of the post already, so I uploaded it the old-fashioned way.)

Boobies! The best part is the commentary from all the ecuadorian women - "que liiindo!"

Shameless postscript: some of my latest musical obsessions en español.

The Fray do Shakira!
This wins for best cover song of all time.

Quinta Estación - El Sol No Regresa
Y'all know I'm a sucker for a woman with a strong voice.

And ooh boy - karaoke on youtube! Because practicing spanish lyrics is DEFINITELY the best use of my time. Oh yeah.

UPDATE: Can't believe I linked to the above and didn't mention that Manu Chao's new album is out!!! Go forth and listen.


  1. Those boobie feet are fabulous! I want a boobie...N

  2. Damn, Linda, and I would have bet anything that you would have been the first one to comment on the boobies... you're getting lazy, girl!

  3. Sometimes you have to play against type. That, and boobies of the blue-footed variety are only so motivating. Uh, is that family- friendly? :)


  4. big n who else9/26/2007 3:31 PM

    its the mating blue beak ducks! and yay manu chau!