Saturday, September 15, 2007

Just for Lauren

Because I had the pleasure of chatting with her EXTENSIVELY as I was preparing my last batch of fig jam, here's a visual. Hmm, I was looking particularly domestic today. You can't really tell, but my skirt even matches my apron.

As far as the jam goes, I'll just quote the latest post at old Scottish saying we’ve heard along the way that speaks volumes to the value people once places on local food as they made visits to friends and family. Here goes:

“Bring honey. If you can’t bring honey - bring preserves.”

Indeed. Look out folks, all winter I'm going to be bringing the preserves like nobody's business. Christmas shopping finished in September, check.

And now, I'm off for my 2 week jaunt through the Southwest, or as the locals say, "out east."


  1. yay! it was a fig jam making, peaching freezing, talk marathon! i love your apron! next time i'm wearing mine, i'll make sure to send you a pic. have a great time in the sw! post pictures fast!

  2. Okay okay, you're so cute in that little flowered apron that you've completely absolved yourself for that Bambi shirt. You got lucky.

    WHO GETS TO SEE REBECCA IN ONE WEEK????? Ooh ooh, I totally know this one...

  3. Aw your hair looks cute! Well, I get to see you soon too... YAY!