Sunday, September 02, 2007

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The Economist calls Rafael Correa A wannabe Chávez short of oil. Ouch.
Randomly, I know the woman who writes the economist's quito bylines. She and her husband, one of Rebecca's coworkers, are the ones who gave us their cat Blanca, when she was pregnant last year! I just saw pictures of her baby :)

EDIT (oops - Somehow the links didn't publish before. Let's try again, shall we.)
Updates on Pisco:
The Peru Food blog remembers Pisco
An American journalist blogs from the scene of recovery efforts
Hand On Disaster Response announces Project Pisco

Tidbit of real life news - got have a long lovely chat with MP last night for the first time in ages. Her bro is out of the army, check. All her sibs are in college now! She's applying to grad school for next year. She wants to visit me and schools in CA!

Today = strawberry picking with classmates H and C and little G, baking and housecleaning. Tomorrow = yardsale, new shift at the bookstore, and if I'm ambitious, singing in Berkeley more jam-making.

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