Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Not on vacation but posting anyhow

Apologies to my other blogging half for relegating her most recent post to second place yet again, but I figured I'd better squeeze something in while I've got time, since our main page has yet again become solid Rebecca. Not that I'm complaining, mind you! I'm a lazy, lazy blogger.

This weekend was Austin City Limits Fest... headliners included Bob Dylan, Bjork, and pretty much every indie rocker in America. Plus a few from England. My general game plan during ACL weekend is to hide at home and cook things and stay as far away as I can from Zilker Park without actually leaving the aforementioned city limits. But this year my friend R from high school was in town playing with Amos Lee's band, and he graciously got me a free day pass, so on Sunday I begrudgingly went. Actually it wasn't so bad. Mostly. It was nice to see R for four seconds, Amos is pretty terrific, and I even let Richard convince me to stay for Wilco's set, because I'm just that kind of amazing girlfriend. Then we got the HELL out of Dodge. Good grief. I can't think of a single band who would actually entice me to PAY to suffer 95-degree weather, the Texas sun (possibly the most evil sun I have ever encountered), and hordes of people just to see them. Not even circa-1997 Katie was that rabid a music fan. (Okay, let's be honest, of course she was. But at least none of the things I did induced sunstroke or dehydration!) And now all of you are six degrees from Dylan & Elvis Costello, because Amos is opening for them on their current tour and I went to school with his bassist and guitarist. So there you go. You're pretty much famous.

Also, just felt compelled to share that I'm biting the bullet and preparing to fast on Yom Kippur this Friday, for the first time ever... I might have to do the chickenshit children-and-invalids fast, though, and drink some water. I'm not sure I can go a whole day without. Perhaps next year in Jerusalem.

Okay, that may be all I got. Please join me in eagerly awaiting Rebecca's pictures of rocks. And please be extra-jealous of me that I get to see her AND Jenna in the absurdly near future! Austin is clearly the place to be, my friends.



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  1. Uh, "pretty much famous?" Pretty much? Clearly, you've been in Texas too long and have forgotten that I'm simply famous.