Friday, September 14, 2007

Report from this side of 25

Thanks for the birthday wishes folks! Seriously, I was rollin in mail this week! All kinds of cards and packages showing up here on Laurent St! Makes a girl feel loved. As for the day, 'twas a laid back time for me, I didn't feel a huge need for revelry, my treat is really my big upcoming trip! I did get some quality time in at the farmer's market (the first dates of the season, a flat of figs, orange Turkish eggplant) and a lovely dinner at Mobo sushi. I love their assorted pickles and huge selection of veggie rolls, and under the guidance of masterchefguru kathy we indulged in nerdy culinary analysis, just as in old times. I even got some presents, which I wasn't expecting! Chocolate, and a book on canning!!

Then yesterday I cooked for the last time at the HGP, where they were sweet to me as always, and sent me off with a gorgeous extra large bouquet and a card. (My fave comment... "my stomach is elated")

Look, pictures!!


  1. Ummm... is that a BAMBI shirt you're wearing?????????

  2. Are you mocking my 99 cent vintage t-shirt find at goodwill? I randomly get a ridiculous amount of compliments on it.

  3. big n who else9/26/2007 3:28 PM

    Wow. Before I even saw the comments I looked at the picture and decided I wanted to leave a comment which said:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that bambi shirt. i really really do. really. love. wish i could see it in person. cough.